Vítek’s story

At age 5, our son was diagnosed with ADHD syndrome, expressive developmental dysphasia and dysarthria, a mild form of cerebellar palsy, and mild mental retardation.

Within 7 months, with the help of therapies and nutritional supplements, we managed to significantly improve his condition and bring Vitek’s abilities almost to the level of his peers.

We decided to share Vítek’s story as an inspiration for other parents of children with a similar medical diagnosis and hope that there is a way to improve.


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The description of our entire journey to improve Vítek’s health includes Vítek’s photos and videos showing his progress – as well as a list of the nutritional supplements and therapies we use.

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Since the improvement over time in the use of the listed therapies and nutritional supplements is our personal experience with no independent studies to back it up, you will also find a list of these in the closed section of the site.

Vítek’s story in short

At age 5, he was diagnosed with


ADHD syndrome, expressive developmental dysphasia and dysarthria

  • concentration disorder
  • delayed development of speech

Mild form of cerebellar palsy

  • musculoskeletal problems
  • difficulty with motor skills and balance

Mild mental retardation, speech and sleep disorders

  • slow mental development = mental age is 2.5 years
  • on the edge of moderate and mild mental retardation

According to the doctors, he is otherwise perfectly healthy and there is nothing to treat.

5 years and 10 months (March 2018)


Problems with communication, sleep, attention

  • he speaks badly, two words at most in a row
  • communicates poorly with the environment
  • sleeps poorly, wakes frequently, very restless sleeping
  • bedwetting at night, anxiety and anger
  • can’t keep attention on activities or TV, always only for a moment

Problems with motor skills and balance

  • when he starts to run, after a while he falls
  • unable to stand on one leg for a moment
  • can only hold a pencil in his fist, fine motor skills are absent
  • he is unable to do any sports related to balance

Very weak immunity

  • frequently ill
  • chronic cold

We try different products, medicines, food supplements herbs, devices…
If something works, it only works a little or for a while.

The results of our efforts are close to zero. Basically, nothing helps and despair grows.

In March 2018, we finally find an impactful solution


We use natural nutritional supplements based on cell membrane renewal.


We continue therapies and treatment in the spa facility

6 years and 5 months (October 2018)


Improvement of speech and sleep

  • he is already able to speak
  • uses short sentences
  • sleeps peacefully at night
  • stopped wetting himself

Improvement of motor skills

  • runs without falling including obstacle course

Improvement of attention and emotional state

  • can play puzzles for half an hour, play by himself, watch TV
  • states of anxiety and anger have passed


Specific procedures, our chosen therapies and Vítek’s progress
between 2018 and 2021 can be found in the closed section of the website.

9 years (May 2021)


Success at school

  • exceeds expectations in the set study programme by approx. 30-40%

Better results of psychological examination

  • according to new psychological testing, he’s bordering on mild mental retardation and below average intelligence!

He's getting up to the level of his peers

  • some of the areas surveyed indicate,
    that he is reaching the abilities of children his age
  • in some areas reaches the abilities of children aged 7
  • according to the results of the ergotherapy, he has already reached a level appropriate to his age and further therapies have been suspended for the time being


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